Leadership Meeting Minutes 1/31/2012

The Hedge Leadership Team held a meeting recently and below are some of the topics discussed. If you have any questions, or concerns, with the topics of discussion, contact a leader (Warren, Brad, Imelda, Cody, etc…) for more details.


Bible Studies

  • Men’s Bible Studies (Cody)
  • Women’s Bible Studies (Imelda)

Signs (Adopt-a-sign)

  • Amanda’s mom “A Sign Unto You” estimate
    • materials, size, artwork, etc…

Goals for Semester

  • More Leadership Involvement
    • Food for Tuesday nights
    • Message/Discussion for Tuesday nights
      • Every other Tuesday night, leaders/students will take over service
      • Beginning Tuesday, February 14th
      • 1st lesson is over relationships: Godly men and women
  • Service Opportunities
    • 7 Hills, Loving Choices, etc…
  • Evaluations of the Hedge
    • Mid semester
    • End of semester
    • Suggestion Box
  • Missions (long term goal)
    • Local
    • Abroad
  • The Hedge 45 year anniversary (Fall ’12)
    • Celebration
    • Football Season
  • Intramurals
    • Research registration dates
    • See what sports are possibilities

Chili on the Hill (February 20, 2012)


  • Daily Bible Verse (scrolling banner)

Parking February 18th (need help!)

  • Warren and Brad will be MIA for a wedding they are in
  • Help park and watch the game at the Hedge afterwards


“If God has given you leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously.” -Romans 12:8

We are responsible to use the gifts that God has given for the good of others.



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