ABS Update 04-12

Word Heard at ABS

We were thankful for the opportunity to bring the students to the Weddington Mission Rally in April.  This gave the students a great opportunity to personally explain what ABS and The Hedge means to them as well as express gratitude to the local association for their support of this ministry.  The leadership team worked together to build the presentation and to lead worship music that honored God.  We appreciate Weddington for giving us platform for the night.  Warren and Brad are thankful for those students who saw this opportunity as a priority to share a blessing to those who have blessed us.
The students who traveled overseas for short-term mission trips over Spring Break safely returned with stories and enthusiasm for what God had done through them and around them during their trips.  We are thankful for these willing servants finding opportunities through their local church to serve sacrificially while they are young, full of energy, and moldable by God.  We are praying for God to challenge others to attempt great things through God’s strength and plan for His glory.
Many of our students also participated in a unity worship service on campus in the Greek Theater.  Every year on the week before Resurrection Sunday, some of the evangelical campus ministries have come together publicly to cooperate in sharing Christ and His gospel more effectively to the rest of campus.  This year, the university students renewed that vision to do more than ever before to make Christ known and for His Spirit to be felt on campus.  We were thankful to be a small part of what was done for no one’s glory except Christ.
But then, that should be the goal everywhere in Christ’s church.  Not about our name recognition or our budgets, but that the fame of Jesus Christ would be raised, and individuals would embrace His salvation (1 Corinthians 1:10-17).  When we make Him the priority, He will build His church.
Thank you for your time, prayers, and support for this ministry to the young adults of Northwest Arkansas and the world as they gather at the University of Arkansas.  We are grateful for the privilege of serving Christ here.  May God bless your ministries as He has blessed ours.


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