Word Heard 07-12

Word Heard at ABS

Look for the yellow house if you are driving down Clinton Drive in Fayetteville.  We are thankful to report that the shabbiest looking property is now one of the best looking.  John Meredith and Melvin Yount took this property’s needs seriously and began working on it about a month ago.  They power-washed what remained of the old, peeling paint from the walls.  Then they gathered a couple ABS students to help them with replacing soffit and facer boards nearly all the way around the building.  In the process of this, they also evicted a family of destructive squirrels that had taken up residence in the attic, without paying rent of course.  There was also a lot of siding that had rotted away and needed replaced, which this team also finished.  Once that hot and sweaty work was finished, John enlisted the help of his son-in-law, Christ Selby who brought a team of teenagers from First Baptist of Hiwasse to thoroughly paint the refurbished building.  Cody Bennett and Vincent Higgins worked hard on their home, covering windows before the sprayer, and touch-up after the sprayer.  “Golden Butter” sounded like a delicious color, so we chose it for the exterior paint.  Very yellow, the house is.  It’ll be great for giving directions by.  A very special thank you goes to the trustees and these teams for the hard work in hot weather to rescue our old house from dilapidation.

Another of the properties has received some needed tender, loving care.  The residence next door had its ugly and potentially hazardous bathroom remodeled.  ABS put in new floor covering, patched and painted the walls, and fixed a few plumbing issues to make this bathroom functional again.  We are thankful for the students and alumnus who helped with that project.

Summer is like these projects, where we use some time to renew some old stuff within the budget.  But a lot of the usual work continues with students who stay around town over the summer.  The Hedge meets most Tuesday nights for Bible study.  Warren has enough international students to keep at least one conversation group meeting each week, if not more.  Plus there are spontaneous one-on-ones with students and alumni frequently on the schedule.  We are thankful for these opportunities to minister in people’s lives.

Thank you to our praying supporters who lift this ministry before God for His use and glory.  We cannot do what we do without this effectual prayer.  Thank you to those who give financially for this ministry to operate.  It is a privilege to serve the Lord with your support.  God bless and guide you as we serve the King together.

Warren and Brad


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