Welcome Back Home

Welcome back home.  If you’ve been here for more than one semester, then Fayetteville and the U of A can be more like home than where we were from.  After all, where do we spend most of our time?  Where are we going to be?  And judging by the remarkable stickiness of Fayetteville for graduates, perhaps where we will be for a few years past graduation.

So it’s time to develop those habits that our life will develop around the priorities of our schedule.  Some elements of our schedule are set and given to us, class schedules perhaps.  Other portions of our schedule are expected costs of getting where we want to be in life, some time spent doing the homework or work schedules.  But around these big chunks, what are you going to fill in the spaces with?  Those decisions reveal where your priorities are found.

All the more important considering that the habits we develop now, we can easily carry forward as long as we live in Fayetteville.  Or just as easily if we move away.  Those priorities we thought were important and made the time to do will not necessarily change with a change in the big involuntary chunks in our schedule.

As the minister, I serve as a reminder to not just give God some space around the big chunks in our schedule and life, but to give it all to Him.  See His hand placing those important portions in our schedule, then fill in the spaces with what His Word and His Spirit would have in between the things we don’t choose.  Because what we choose is our worship.

“One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much,” Jesus says.  (Luke 16:10)


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