Word Heard 03-13

The spring semester is off and running.  It has been a difficult semester for having leaders and everyone sick.  These sicknesses have resulted in plans for Tuesdays being changed constantly and abruptly as well as other disruptions to ministry.  But the fellowship continues as those who are able come together to share and worship our great God together.

We were blessed with having some new faces back this semester that we haven’t seen for a while due to work and class schedules.  One of them, presented a faith-building lesson from Romans 8:28 on trusting God even when times are hard.  Another of our first-time presenters to The Hedge challenged us to be in The Way, Jesus being the Way (John 14:6).  Both were short, to-the-point, but very effective.

Warren continues to have good connections with new international students to replace those who graduate or their exchange term ends.  We continue to pray for seeds sown to produce fruit in these lives, nearly all of which do not follow Christ yet.  We pray for salvation as well as continued discipleship for those who have chosen to believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Parking is drawing to a close for the year, thankfully.  We have had a few loyal residents who have borne the heavy burden most of the year to assist Warren and Brad with parking, in spite of the weather: cold, dark, wet, or “too nice to be doing this”.  We sincerely appreciate all those who have helped us with this important fundraiser from August through March.

We still have a half of semester for any churches who wish to sponsor a meal for The Hedge.  The students are probably about tired of Brad’s cooking as he has been running out of ideas for interesting meals.  If you wish to help with a meal, contact Brad at 479-236-7446 to ask how to help.

Thank you for the prayers, lifting this ministry to the Lord’s throne.  We need His enablement, strength, and wisdom daily.  Thank you also to those individuals who prayerfully support ABS financially, as individuals or through your church, so that this ministry can continue to impact lives for Jesus Christ and the world.

God bless you.

Warren and Brad


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