Word Heard 04-13

 Word Heard at ABS

Even though the spring semester is getting busier by the week as we approach final exams, a number of our students are busy with something else besides projects, studying, or normal spring activities.  For a month now, the students have been busy preparing for the April mission rally at Mt. Pleasant.  They are excited about presenting the ministry and glorifying God for the young people expected to be there.  By the time the Banner is published, their hard work will be hopefully have been evident and rewarded with a good evening of music, fellowship, and praise to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Thank you to those churches and individuals who helped provide meals at The Hedge this semester.  We are indeed thankful for those generous hearts and willing hands who bless us with these meals.

We appreciate our Board of Trustees who oversee this ministry for our association.  These men met last month to hear of what is going on at ABS.  Their heart for young adults and this ministry is encouraging to Warren and Brad.  They also advise and consent on future projects and goals for ABS.  We look forward to reporting the progress of the vision for ABS in the near future.

Thank you for praying for this ministry and the very different aspects of its impact on the different lives of young adults God brings into our sphere of influence.  As a generation, this generation is naturally different from those before it.  But the individuals within this generation are different form one another in their experiences and needs.  We strive to serve God by serving these individuals through instruction in God’s Word but also the practice of God’s Word.  We are not worthy to the task, but through God’s Holy Spirit we are able to make a difference in these individual lives.  That is an answer to prayer.

Thank you for supporting ABS financially that we may do this work.  It is a distinct privilege to be in the Lord’s work here, standing in the gap.

God bless you.

Warren and Brad


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