A week or so ago, we had an unexpected visitor to the ABS House during the day – someone homeless and looking for a handout. While most students feel no wealthier than him, the situation did make a number of our young ladies feel uncomfortable.

Should you come into ABS House and find a visitor who makes you uncomfortable, do not enter or stay. Just go ahead and leave as quickly as possible without risk to yourself. Call Warren or Brad once you have left the building.

Should someone come in while you are already in the ABS House that makes you uncomfortable with the situation, just politely say that you are needing to leave for class. The last student out the door can ask the person to leave as “you are supposed to lock behind you when you leave.” If that does not work, then leave the person in there alone, and again, call Warren or Brad once you have left the building.

There is nothing in the ABS House that is as important as the souls who come and go through there, especially your own person. So do not feel obligated to defend this house at peril to yourself. Only people are irreplaceable.

Thank you.
Brad and Warren


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