Get your 2017 ABS Parking Permit

If you plan to park at ABS this year, talk to Warren or Brad.

We still have parking permits available for this school year (Fall 2017 – Spring 2018), but only a few.  If people do a good job learning to park within the lines, we may be able to have a few more spots.

The cost is $50 for the year. Parking permits are for the back (bottom) gravel lot. If you have not yet purchased parking from the U of A, and you are interested, download a parking terms and conditions form here and submit it to Brad or Warren with payment to receive your permit. Continuing to park on the ABS property without a permit may result in your car being towed. Permit parking will not be available during and prior to Razorback athletic events.

All funds from student parking permits will go to replace electronic equipment used at The Hedge, ie keyboard, mics, amp and projector. The funds have been used to purchase a new tv and projector for the ABS student center.


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